About Le Bélier Co

At Le Bélier co we believe that there is a fragrance to complement your every mood. Allow our custom designed essences to take you on a journey towards satisfying all dimensions of your well-being.
Our commitment is not only to our valued customers, but also to the Earth and legacy we leave behind. That is why we take pride in offering you high quality, eco-friendly, and affordable aromas to leave you and your loved ones feeling balanced with the auras of positivity, peace, and radiance. 
Our Founder:
Le Bélier co is owned and operated by the mom of two beautiful children. She enjoys candles, zodiac and everything horoscope related. Le  Bélier means "The ram" which represents her Aries zodiac sign. Candles have always been apart of her daily routine. She uses candles to meditate, relax and as beautiful decor pieces in every room in her home. The idea of owning a candle company seemed very fitting for her. Her very first candle scent was "brown sugar baby". She wanted to create a strong scent that represents her vibe.