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Brown sugar baby was our very first candle scent created. It stlil remains our best selling candle! We wanted to create a warm and comfortable but energizing candle. With notes of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon it can be used any time of the year!

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Fragrance Tip

Want to create a completely new fragrance or heighten the scent notes? Burn your favourite candle then pair it with your favourite room spray.

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  • Brown Sugar Baby Candle

    " I recieved my brown sugar baby candle as a gift. I absolutely loved it so much I had to return the favour and gift my sister the same candle. It is so strong. My entire house smells like it."

    -- Sarah

  • Vanilla Bean Room Spray

    "This sprays lasts so long. I keep it in my bathroom. Whenever I use the bathroom it gets rid of all the smells insantly."

    -- Victoria

  • Calm Aromatherapy Candle

    " I always feel my candle when i'm feelign anxious and end up feeling much better. It smells so good and strong too."

    -- Janelle

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